Cheap Plastic Surgery


Cheap plastic surgery isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Most of the information about cheap plastic surgery is found in countries outside of the United States. Most people looking for cheap plastic surgery soon realize that it isn’t cheap at all. When you are looking at the big picture of cosmetic and plastic surgery, cheap may not be cheap at all.

There are those physicians who may do an operation for less than it costs most surgeons. The question is how do they accomplish this and why?

In some instances the advertising will give you one price but once you get into the office the price changes. In one scenario the physician may insist you sign up for a surgery before even seeing you. They explain that this keeps their cost down by only seeing patients who are serious. And they may explain that the cost you saw advertised is only the doctor’s fee and doesn’t include the office fees, anesthesiologist and operating room.

Other surgeons may be board certified in another specialty but started performing cosmetic surgeries years ago. The doctor operates in his office using conscious sedation or ‘twilight’ sleep. Neither he nor the office is certified. This keeps their cost down but also reduces the quality of performance you can expect.

Most plastic surgeons are not trying to rip you off but have legitimate costs and have to pass those costs on to their customers. On the other hand if most doctors in your area have one cost and one has costs that are well above those don’t assume that the operation is a guaranteed success.

Most plastic surgery isn’t really cheap since you are paying for the expertise of your surgeon and for every patient who has sued a plastic surgeon, which translates into higher malpractice insurance premiums. If your surgeon isn’t charging you then you have to wonder about their expertise and their malpractice insurance. If their insurance isn’t charging a high premium then they aren’t declaring they do cosmetic surgery.

Costs can also vary depending upon the location of the surgeon. Surgery in Africa or Eastern Europe is cheaper than surgery done in the U.S. and even surgery in New York is significantly higher than surgery performed in other parts of the U.S.

Women’s magazines often advertise cheap plastic surgery in the form of vacations to Eastern Europe, or Africa countries or to the Caribbean. However the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons warns that although the procedures are much cheaper patients can need corrective surgery when they come home to correct the problems caused. Using these plastic surgery options is also problematic because the patients often don’t meet the surgeon until just before the procedure when it has already been paid for. They return home with little to no adequate medical records.

Reducing your plastic surgery costs may just mean knowing exactly how much the procedure will cost up front both financially and in your time and energy. Repeating a procedure because it didn’t go well, recovery from an infection or corrective surgery to repair a mistake can cost both financially and in lost time from work.

Before considering investigating cheap plastic surgery as an option weigh the risks and benefits to the procedures. It may just be in your best interest to stick with the physician and hospital facilities which are renowned world wide for excellence in care.



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