Is Your Big Day Coming? Come And See Our Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Is Your Big Day Coming? Come And See Our Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Wedding is a very special day, especially for the brides and the grooms. And in that day, no doubt both will want to present themselves as beautiful as they can. One of the most important aspects of appearance is hairstyle. If you’re wondering about what kind of wedding hairstyles for short hair you should choose, you’re in the right place. Here we will present some of the wedding hairstyles for the brides with short hair.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair, How to Choose

Having short hair doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot of choices. You still do, don’t worry. So, what kind of wedding hairstyles for short hair you can choose? Well, for the best result, your choice should consider your face shape and the length of your hair. The good news is, there are a lot of hairstyles which are suitable for most face shape.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair Examples

Okay, let’s start with three wedding hairstyles for short hair examples now. First example, if you have square face shape and medium hair, you can choose the dual toned. Basically it is a pixie hairstyle added with some textures on the crown and color at the fringe to increase the contrast. Second example, this time is suited for most face shape and medium, is the blonde pizzazz. What you need to do to get this hairstyle is to curl your hair, from mid-length of your hair to the crown. You can add additional light color to the tip of your hair too. Third example is the cropped delight. This hairstyle is suitable for most shape just like the blonde pizzazz. What you need to do is curl your crown layer, and then side swept the fringe. This hairstyle surely looks feminine.

So, what do you think? Which wedding hairstyles for short hair you will choose? The dual toned, the blonde pizzazz or the cropped delight? Don’t forget to add hair jewelry too. In the end, whatever your choice is, just make sure it looks great on you and you’re comfortable with it.

Looking For Wedding Guest Book Ideas? Try These…

Looking For Wedding Guest Book Ideas? Try These…

You don’t want to have an old boring wedding guest book for your guest, right? And are you looking for an interesting guest book for wedding? Look no more. Here, we have several wedding guest book ideas just for you. You might want to check it out. But first, let’s talk about wedding guest book for a moment.

Do I Need An Interesting Wedding Guest Book? What for?

Wedding guest book is important, not only at the wedding but also after that. It can serve many purposes (of course, other than as a sign of which persons came to your wedding), for example as a wedding memento, a work of art, even as a keepsake for your children. So, yes, wedding guest book is important. Fortunately, we got some wedding guest book ideas you might want to try.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas Examples

There is a lot of wedding guest book ideas out there; and we will present several of it. Hopefully, it will inspire you in making one. The first idea is the thumbprint guest book. How to make it? It is simple. You just present a picture of, let’s say tree with branches but without leaves. Your guests then put their thumbprint down on that tree, and their thumbprint is the leaves. Next, your guests sign their own thumbprint. And there you are, you get an artistic wedding guest book! Of course you can change the tree with whatever you want (balloon, peacock feathers, etc). The tree is just an example.

Our second wedding guest book ideas is a world map. The world map highlights the place you are in at the wedding and the place you want to spend your honeymoon in. And your guests will sign anywhere but those places. Our third will be the anniversary wine. The wine bottles are labeled for a specific time of your anniversary, for example 1st year anniversary, 5th year, 10th and so on. Your guests can choose on which bottle they sign.

Those are our wedding guest book ideas for you. So, what kind wedding guest book that you want now? Is it the one with maps and your honeymoon destinations? Or is it the thumbprints one? Well, whichever your choice is fine. Pick the one you want. We hope you’re inspired by now.

Two Best Options Of Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Two Best Options Of Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Having long hair has its own advantage and disadvantages when you are holding you wedding, especially when you have to choose wedding hairstyles. Since there are many wedding hairstyles for long hair from up dos, half up, and down long hair, everything looks good on the picture and looks really complicated when you have to make it. Since there are so many hairstyles for long hair, why not try these ones that you can make yourself?

  1. The Waterfall Braid

To make the waterfall braid wedding hairstyles for long hair that will make you look elegant in the simplest way, start with making a French braid on your right side over the ear, after that start making the waterfall by taking the left strand of the French braid to the middle. Take hair from the top part and pull it to the middle too and take the strand on the right and pull it down. Pick a section of hair right behind the one you drop and then place it into the middle part of the braid.

Continue doing this all the way to the left side of your head and once you reach the left side, drop the strand of hair on the right as usual, and wrap the left strand over the middle piece. To secure the braids in place, place on or several bobby pins on the left end on the braid and use your hair to conceal it. You can spray some hairspray to ensure that the hairstyle will be in place for the duration of your wedding ceremony.

  1. Pretty Retro Bouffant

If you want to wear and hair up do instead of the half up like the braid, then you should try this retro bouffant hairstyle. To make this wedding hairstyles for long hair, start by clipping the upper half of your hair and put the bottom half on a pony tail at the nape of your neck. After that, make a hole at the base of your pony tail and then push the pony tail down through the hole.

Do this twice so it will create quite a big twist. Next, backcomb your pony tail and once it is teased out, create a chignon from the pony tail by rolling the hair up using your fingers and secure it at the base of your hair using bobby pins. Pull all the hair from the top of your hear and then wrap it loosely around the chignon to create a sleek look. Secure the ends of the hair using bobby pins and spray some hairspray to secure it more.

How To Choose Wedding First Dance Songs

How To Choose Wedding First Dance Songs

Choosing the wedding first dance songs should be done carefully. It is right that there is no the statement about wrong and right choice in this case. However, in choosing the dance, you should pay attention some important tips in the followings below so that your song that is chosen can be a highlight.

Don’t choose the long song for your wedding first dance songs

It is better to not choose the long song for your wedding first dance songs. This is because your guests can feel bored. For that, it is better to choose the short song. You should choose the right song by paying attention to the duration. It is better to choose the song that has the duration for about three minutes. As the example, you can choose the short song such as “All I want is You”. This song has the duration for about 7 minutes. Actually, there are many options about the short songs that you can choose.

Pay attention to the lyric the song that you choose

It is fine if you choose the popular first dance song for your wedding. However, you should pay attention that no all the song lyrics can be suitable with your wedding chance. You should choose the lyric that can be used for the wedding. It should have the romantic meaning. If you choose the wrong song that has the lyric that is not suitable, it will make your nuance of the dancing time bad.

Don’t choose the very slow wedding first dance songs

If you choose very slow wedding first dance songs, you will feel difficult in doing the movement. You should choose the song that is not too slow and not too fast. It will make you doing the movement easily.

Consider more than one song

When you want to get the great wedding first dance songs, it is better for you to make some options about some interesting songs. Here, you will get the perfect song after making the consideration.

Ask for the other people

If you feel confused in choosing wedding first dance songs, you can ask for helping the other people. For example, you can ask for your friend to get the inspiration. Then, you may be able to ask for the dancer teacher about the song you will choose. He will give you’re the recommendation about the song that make you dancing easily.

Wedding Dresses With Sleeves, Best Recommendations

Wedding Dresses With Sleeves, Best Recommendations

When the Duchess of Cambridge worn the classic looking wedding dress with sleeves on her wedding day, classic looking wedding dresses with sleeves become popular once again. Since long sleeved wedding dresses are also look vintage, more and more brides want to wear wedding dress with sleeves ln their most important day. If you are looking for an elegant long sleeved wedding dress, check out our recommendation below.

  1. The Bridgette Gown

The Bridgette Gown is created by Catherine Deane with an illusion high neck and delicate all over laces. These wedding dresses with sleeves only have a pair of half sleeve instead of long sleeves. Even so, this wedding gown is still very elegant, especially for those who want to wear a simple gown with no trains. The middle part of this gown is accentuated by satin ribbons that can be removed. This simple white gown is brought together with a back zip with button closure. For this fitted wedding dress, it will be most perfect if the dress is paired with an ivory veil.

  1. The August Gown

If you do not like the half sleeves of the Bridgette Gown, you should check out the August Gown by Tadashi Shoji. This is another simple, fitted, and elegant gown that you can consider wearing on your wedding day. The gown has a wide scalloped neckline with a plunging V shaped back, making it look glamorous and elegant at the same time. To complete this ivory colored wedding dress, you can also wear a long lace train that will make the elegant look come together. This gown is fitted through the bodice and it is secured by a back zip. For those who want to wear simple dress yet still look very stunning in their wedding day should consider this dress.

  1. The Beau Gown

Another short sleeved wedding dress that might pique your interest is this Beau Gown by Watters. Compared to the two previous gowns which are all equipped with fitted bodice, this gown looks more like the traditional wedding dress with flared bottom. This gown features a sheer illusion neckline that is combined with the sheer V shaped back. With the flared bottom and the elegant sheer neck and back, these ivory wedding dresses with sleeves will make you look elegant and beautiful on your wedding day.