Make Up For Mother Of The Bride

Responsibilities of the mother of the bride are large and sometimes onerous. In a traditional setting the family of the bride takes care of paying for the wedding and the mother of bride helps the bride plan and execute the wedding down to the smallest detail. On the wedding day it is the responsibility of the mother of the bride to be sure that the day goes exactly as planned. There are brides who are exceptional planners and prefer to take care of the details themselves but on the day itself it is difficult for the bride to be at all places at once. And, it is really her day to enjoy. And so the details of the wedding day often fall to the mother of the bride.

For this reason she is often the second most recognizable woman at the reception. Looking put together, fashionable, cool and collected are important to keeping the entire process moving forward smoothly. Make up for mother of the bride is an important aspect to caring for her appearance on a very important day in the life of her daughter.

When the mother of the bride and bride have concluded the plans for color at the wedding it is up to the mother to communicate those colors to the grooms side. Make up for mother of the bride doesn’t need to match her dress but rather should be artfully applied to keep her looking cool and comfortable all day long.

Make up will be applied to give the mother of the bride the appearance of being natural without a theme, unless of course the wedding is vintage or another themed approach. She should start with a fresh clean face that is accomplished using a gentle cleanser. Reserve a toner for evening after the make up is removed and don’t do any harsh or deep cleaning the morning of the wedding.

Begin by making sure your eye brows are well groomed, trimmed and plucked. You can brush the hair upwards and then trim along the line of the eye brow to give a well groomed appearance. Don’t do this for the first time on the morning of the wedding. Be sure you’ve practiced a head of time so you don’t have a mistake on the morning that a 1000 pictures are being taken to preserve this important day for your daughter.

Apply a light layer of moisturizer to smooth the skin and then a light layer of foundation. If you would rather you can mix a bit of moisturizer with a crème foundation to help it glide over the skin more smoothly.

Next, working from the top to the bottom, address your eyes. This isn’t the day for a dark, smoky look so stick with colors that complement your eye color. If you use a liner smudge it at the corners to give it a softer appearance. Use a light color under the eyebrows to give your eyes a larger look and concealer under the eyes to make your entire look ‘pop’.

Use a light coat of mascara. You’ll probably be crying and mascara (waterproof or not) running down your cheeks isn’t a great look. Once the wedding is over you can apply another layer of mascara before the reception and freshen up your make up from the tears.

Your blush should make you look naturally pink and healthy but not brash and bright. Finish with a light coat of translucent powder to set the make up. Today is your daughters big day and although you want to look your best you shouldn’t outshine the bride or take away attention from her because your make up is caked on, dark or poorly applied.

Finish the look with a lipstick that is neutral and a matte finish. No blood red lipstick today!

Simple Steps On How To Write Wedding Vows For Him

Simple Steps On How To Write Wedding Vows For Him

We have to admit that writing is not for everyone, especially wedding vow writing. There are just so many things the bride and groom needs to say to each other on their wedding ceremony that sometimes a simple and short vow will not cut it. However, it is essential that the vow is to be meaningful and represent all the things the couple wants to do when they are married.

For brides who want to write wedding vows for him, you can follow these simple steps to guide you through the vow creating part of your wedding preparation.

  1. The Declaration of Love

There re basically two parts inside wedding vows for him or for her, the declaration of love and the promise. On the first part, declaration of love, you should make a simple statement about who she/he is to you. Say their name and declare who they are to you. After that, you should say a few things that make her/him very wonderful. Things like “You are dependable, you make me laugh, and you make me happy.” Be sure that what you put in your vow truly come from the deepest of your heart. And finally, say that you love him/her at the end of the first part.

  1. The Promise

Now, let’s move on to the next part, the promise. Usually the promise is the longest part in wedding vows for him or her. Make promises what you will do together with your partner once you are married. You can include the things that you can show your love to your spouse in your everyday life together, through support, trust, actions, gifts, or words. If you are religious, you should also include some language about your believe in your vow.

After that, you should state about the things you will do together with your spouse. For example, “I will create a happy home with you, create a loving family with you, and I will grow old with you”. You should also promise to be there for your spouse in good and bad time for a really long time. Now, your wedding vow is complete.


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Wedding Venues In NJ As Your Great Option

Wedding Venues In NJ As Your Great Option

Everyone must want to have the great wedding party. Actually, the venue will give the great effect for you. As the great option, you can choose the wedding venues in NJ. You will get the interesting and amazing wedding party. There are many options about the kind of the venues there. Of course, it can be suitable for your favorite theme. Whether you like the indoor or outdoor wedding theme, it can be gotten there.

Some factors to get the best wedding venues in NJ

Getting the best wedding venues in NJ can be done by paying attention some factors. You can look at the beauty of the venue. Not only it, but also you can look at about the drama, style, and the location of the venue that you will choose. They are the important factors for you to get the best wedding venue.

Some options of wedding venues in NJ for you

As the option, you can consider to choose Park Savoy venue. It is located in Moris Country. This choice is suitable for you that like the wedding party with garden. It will become elegant. It has the style classical and elegant. The good things from this are it has the circular drive, the light that is stunning, the bridal suite that is luxurious, and the others.

Then, another option is you can choose One Atlantic; Jersey Shore as the choice as one of the best wedding venues in NJ. The location of this venue is exactly in the Atlantic Country. It is different with the previous one because this venue has the modern impression. Then, it looks simple. It also has the elegant look. Your wedding party will become the amazing wedding party with the white canvas. There are some beautiful flowers there that make this party more perfect.

Then, there is the conservatory at the Madison Hotel as your option when you choose wedding venues in NJ. It becomes the interesting venue in New Jersey. This venue is almost same with the appearance of the London’s famous Crystal Palace. There are some facilities you can find in this venue. The space is very large, a ballroom, the restaurant, the swimming pool, and the others. Your wedding will get the traditional, classical and elegant impression with this venue.

Those are some examples of the wedding venues in NJ. Hopefully, those can be your inspiration so that you can find the best one for your wedding party.

Wedding To Do List- The Most Hassle Preparation You Should Do

Wedding To Do List- The Most Hassle Preparation You Should Do

In wedding preparation, you need to make the wedding to do list because there are many things you should do before that special event comes. The basic categories can be written in this list. Even, you can make the checklist about the small details.

The important of the wedding to do list for your wedding preparation

Some kinds of the things that you should make on the list are making the preparations about the place for your wedding. This is the important thing you should prepare at the first. Then, it is next to the guest list, the menu, the accommodation, and the others.

Before you start to make the wedding to do list, the most important thing you should do is deciding the time when you will get married. After that, all the plans can be made by you. This is because in making the preparation in the checklist, it will be based on the time. You can prepare the thing that must to do at the early.

Starting to make the wedding to do list

When your wedding will come for about one year, you can start to make the preparation by deciding the theme. Theme is very important. This is because the theme will affect the place, size, and the formality. Every couple can be free in deciding what kind of the theme you want to make for your wedding party. However, you should consult with your partner. Remember, it is not the wedding party just for you, but it is the party for you and your partner. For that, you should decide the theme based on what you and your partner love. After getting this theme, you can start to prepare the place for your party.

Then, if you have the time for about six until nine months to the wedding party, you should make the other preparations. You can make the preparation about the photographers, the wedding services, the florist and the others. All of them should be prepared well by you.

Then, to get the perfect wedding party, you should make sure that you have finished the preparation about the guest list and invitations. It should be done in the 4 until 6 months before the time of wedding party.

It is very important for you to make the wedding to do list. It will help you in making the preparation of your wedding.

Wedding Shoes For Bride, From Aeryn To Voleta

Wedding Shoes For Bride, From Aeryn To Voleta

Another outfit that brides should think about are the wedding shoes for bride. There are many kinds of shoes that you can choose from the high heels shoes type, pumps, flat shoes, or even the flip flops for a more casual beach wedding. For those who are still not sure what kind of shoes they are going to wear, check out these beautiful shoes we recommend for you.

  1. Aeryn Sandal

The Aeryn is a high heeled sandal made as wedding shoes for bride by Sam Edelman. The heels is four inch high with adjustable ankle strap with buckle closure that will make it more secure and comfortable to be worn, especially if you have to stand for quite a long time. The upper is made from leather with synthetic linings and soles. This high heel sandal is available in two colors, black and white.

  1. Flower Flat Shoes

The Flower flat wedding shoes for bride with peep toe are made for those who are never comfortable with heeled shoes. This simple and elegant flat shoe is made by Pink Paradox London and is only available in white satin color. The upper is made from textile with synthetic linings and leather sole. The pearly beads and faceted crystals sparkled at the peep tip of this shoe, making it stand out even if it is not healed.

  1. Helen Silk and Crystal

For those who like wearing peep toe wedges wedding shoes for bride, we have one that will be very suitable for your wedding, the Helen by Benjamin Adams London. The wedges heel is three inches high for the 8.5 size with silk and crystal upper and leather linings and soles. On top of the peep toes of these shoes is the Swarovski crystal that gleamed and sparkles, adding into the elegance of this shoes and making it even more suitable to be worn on your wedding day. This shoe is only available with ivory silk color.

  1. Voleta Wedges

If you like the wedges sandals design since it is more comfortable for longer period of wearing as is the tradition for wedding shoes for bride, then we suggest the Voleta by Nina. This wedge sandal is also available in various colors, namely black, ivory, new navy, taupe, and silver. It has a three inch heels with adjustable ankle strap with buckle closure.