Temporary Hair Dye A Quick Hair Coloring Option

You must have seen many people try out different hair colors. Some have wacky hair styles with highlights; some have their whole hair colored in blue, green, yellow or red while some keep changing their hair dyes every week.

All this is possible with temporary hair dye. These hair dyes can be easily washed off with a single shampoo. So now you can change the color of your hair or re-color your highlights overnight. They are not like those permanent hair colors that take months to come off. Temporary hair dye is easy to use and maintain.

These hair dyes too have chemicals in them just like the permanent and the semi-permanent ones. But they are not as strong as the latter. That’s the reason why the come off easily with a single wash. But these hair dyes can also harm your hair if used frequently.

Temporary hair dye is perfect for people who do not like to be stuck with the same hair color and highlights for a very long time. With these hair dyes you can change your hair color according to your mood and preference.

Have a metallic red or blue color hair with a real wacky hair style if you are going to a heavy metal rock concert. And change it to a simple, sophisticated brown or black if you are attending a formal party the next evening. This hair dye can be changed as many times as possible.

But you really need to maintain your hair by using the right kind or shampoo and conditioner if you frequently use temporary hair dye and colors. If you don’t use the shampoos and conditioners meant for such hair dyes, you are at a risk of ruining your hair for good. These hair dye chemicals will discolor your hair and make them brittle and thin.

You can use temporary hair dye, only if you know how to maintain your hair after that. You don’t want to end up losing your hair just because you changed your hair color three times a week and used a cheap shampoo and conditioner.

Though these hair dyes are temporary and can be re-colored within 24 hours, it’s best to decide want you want before applying them. After all they do contain chemicals which may damage your hair permanently. So choose the right kind of hair dye according to your skin tone or occasion and make sure it looks good on you.

Simple Steps On Pregnancy Safe Hair Dye

There are a whole set of rules for pregnant women to follow. No alcohol and caffeine sleep on your left side, no intensive exercises, limit seafood, and the list goes on. One of the weirdest rules that you may hear is no hair dye! But it’s not untrue. Chemicals in the hair dye can risk your baby’s growth and can create complications in pregnancy.
Is it really unsafe for pregnant women to dye their hair? Although there were no major side effects reported from pregnant women dyeing their hair. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you are pregnant and want to dye your hair, you must follow some simple guidelines so that you and your baby are absolutely safe. There are other alternatives too that you may try instead of using hair dye.

It’s a known fact that chemicals present in the hair dye seep into the skin and may cause some health hazards. So pregnant women in their first trimester should avoid dyeing their hair as this is the time when the baby develops its important parts such as brain and other immune system.

It’s also wise to choose a hair dye with low chemical concentration. You do get pregnancy safe hair dye in the market which have no harmful chemicals or very less concentration of chemicals in them. These hair dyes usually have no ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals are very fatal to pregnant women. And most of the hair dyes contain these chemicals, so make sure you read the contents on the packet before buying.

Dark brown and black hair dyes are known to contain the harshest chemicals, so pregnant women should avoid these colors. Pregnant women should always use gloves while dyeing their hair; also make sure you are in a ventilated room.

Avoid applying hair dye directly to the scalp. It’s safer to have highlights rather than full hair dyeing during pregnancy. Pregnancy safe hair dye guidelines should be strictly followed to avoid any complications.

It’s best to have an expert do the hair coloring for you during pregnancy as there is less risk of taking in chemicals. Also take the appointment in early hours of the business days to avoid maximum chemical exposure.

Its okay to get your hair dyed during pregnancy but not without using safe and precautionary measures. It’s nice to look good, but not at the cost of your health and your unborn child’s life.

Raw Hair Dye Cool Way To Color Your Hair

If you are fed up of your regular hair color and want to try out something funky and different then raw hair dye is the best deal of you. These hair dyes come is so many different bright and sparkling colors that you can choose any one that suits your personality and attitude.

Most of the times, raw hair dye is a temporary hair color which washes off in a couple of shampoos. So this hair dye is best for those who like to change their hair color very often. You can get exciting hair color like electric pink, sky blue, golden, yellow and many other colors that you would have otherwise never thought of.

These colors are perfect for people who like to experiment with their hair color and get a new look every second week or month. It’s very easy to apply raw hair dye. Just open the packet, make a mixture of hair dye and water and brush it on to your hair, leave it for few minutes and wash it off. And you are ready to go!

These hair dyes give excellent results on light hair such as blonde and gray. But if you have dark hair such as black, red head or dark brown, raw hair color may give a different result. Hence it’s best to bleach your hair first before using raw hair dye.
But it’s not very healthy to use raw hair colors very often as they contain strong chemicals which may damage or break your hair. Even though they are temporary hair dyes which wash off in two or three shampoos, the chemical concentration is quite high in such hair dyes.

The chemicals in raw hair colors are strong so that you get the desired results in less time. So be careful while you use these hair dyes if you have weak and thin hair. It’s best to use conditioner while washing off the hair dye as it will protect your hair from breakage to some extent.

Raw hair dyes are really wacky and unlike the regular hair colors, they stand out in a crowd. So if you have decided to have your hair colored in pink, blue or yellow, you better be sure about it. These hair dyes are usually purchased by young people; especially teenagers who like to sport a cool look for their wild parties.

So next time you want to sport a fun and wacky look, raw hair dye will do the trick for you.

Pubic Hair Dye Is It Safe

Many of us would be embarrassed to admit it, but it’s natural. We do have gray pubic hair and it can be such a letdown when you’re trying to get intimate with your partner. So the best way to ward-off this embarrassment is to use pubic hair dye.
Yes, you have hair dye for your pubic hair! You really can dye down there! But before you go out and buy a pubic hair dye, you need to make sure if it’s safe and does not give you any reaction or irritation. It’s always best to consult a health care professional.

Firstly, you have to select a hair dye that is close to your pubic hair color. Usually your pubic hair is one shade darker than your hair. So get a pubic hair dye that matches your hair. Make sure you follow the instructions and have a patch test done on your arms to see if you are allergic to the hair dye.

There is special hair dyes available in the market specifically designed for pubic hair. They are less intense and much safer. Once you’ve chosen the hair dye, and have passed the patch test, apply petroleum jelly near your genitals to protect them from skin irritation just in case you spill hair dye on them accidentally.

Always use gloves when dyeing your hair. Mix the pubic hair dye according to the instructions provided on the package. It’s better to mix your hair dye with equal amount of moisturizing shampoo to give a soft texture to your pubic hair.

Gently apply this mixture on gray pubic hair. Most of the hair dyes come with a brush, but if your product does not have a brush with it then buy one from the beauty supply store. Make sure you cover all gray hair.

Be careful while applying pubic hair dye. Don’t apply it on your skin or take it close to the inner parts of your genitals. The suggested waiting time for first time application is 10 to 20 minutes. Then rinse it off gently.

Some may not get the desired results in a single application. Therefore you can repeat the process in a week’s time. This time wait for 5 to 10 minutes longer before washing the hair dye off.

Do not use pubic hair dye on eyebrows or eye lashes. It can damage your eyesight with harmful chemicals coming in close contact with your eyes.

Pink Hair Dye Fun And Vibrant Hair Color

Once you notice that first gray hair, you start considering numerous options of dyeing your hair so that you can cover your grays in the most natural and effective way. Most of the times dyeing your hair can be a regular affair; especially if you have many grays to cover.

People usually color their hair every six weeks or so to cover their gray hair completely and to maintain that look to the best of their ability. Now this is an ongoing process which could cost you quite a bit.

But if you choose L’Oreal hair dye, you not only get what you want, but you get to use it less frequently because it stays for a long time and do not reveal your grays too early. Now L’Oreal is an expensive product as compared to the other brands, but the quality you get is worth the price.

Like their ad campaigns say “You’re worth it!” L’Oreal hair dye is indeed worth it. Many consumers have tried out this product and are completely satisfied with its results. They vouch for its long-lasting effects and its safety. L’Oreal protects your hair from sunshine, exposure to swimming pool and many other factors that would have otherwise caused your hair color to fade.

L’Oreal hair dye is specifically designed to cover gray hair therefore the color you get with this product is richer which complements your personality, makes you look younger and gives you a healthier-looking hair. Your hair feels soft and shiny after you’ve applied L’Oreal hair color.

They also have a no-ammonia hair dye which is a much better option as it does not contain chemicals that could damage your hair. And it’s best for people who are allergic or sensitive to ammonia. L’Oreal hair dye comes in a non-drip cream formula which sticks to your hair and spreads evenly without creating a mess.

This is what makes L’Oreal unique and ever-evolving. They are always in a continuous process of developing new things for hair care which makes this product stand out. They also have a wide range of hair colors to choose from. Their hair dyes are made to suit every skin tone and hair type. So next time you want to dye your hair, then L’Oreal hair color is anytime a better option as they are safe, gives good results and covers gray hair for a longer period of time.