All Things You Need To Know About Callus And Your Jogging/Running Hobby

All Things You Need To Know About Callus And Your Jogging/Running Hobby

Do you love to jog or even run regularly in your daily routine? If both of those things can be said to be one of your hobbies that are related to health, maybe you are already familiar with callus. Something like this can be resulted from those activities, especially when both of them are done quite often. For you and any other women who love to run, when callus already occur, a thing that is worried quite much is about how callus can affect appearance in such a bad way, especially when you need to enjoy time with bare-foot, such as when you play at the beach with your friends during summer time. This kind of thing makes you consider about taking callus removal pedicure. The question then is: is such removal procedure really needed? Let us find out more about that here so the right thing can be done.

Is the Removal Needed?

For runners, callus removal pedicure is not a really suggested thing to do. The only reason is because callus gives protection instead of disadvantage to the feet. Because of the running activities you do regularly, the lower part of your feet naturally form a protective layer in the form of callus. This can really make you away from some types of injuries and pain caused by the activities. It is quite unfortunate that it is something most people do not realize. On the contrary, they always think that callus is nothing else but something they need to get rid of.

Tips to Do when You Have Callus on Your Feet

Now that you already know about the advantage given by callus, you may finally realize that the callus removal pedicure, especially when there is blade included in the procedure, is not really necessary. However, there is factually still a thing you need to know as well. Callus that is too thick can also be problematic because it can crack easily and the pain it creates is unbearable. In relation to this, you need to remember always that when the callus is too thick, it is better for you to smooth it a bit instead of removing all of that with the pedicure procedure. If you prefer to get the procedure in a beauty parlor, please remind the aesthetician not to perform total removal including also the removal with blade since this can be dangerous. Instead, ask the aesthetician to just smoothen the callus. The best way to do this is by using pumice stone. This kind of treatment can factually be done on your own at home if you also want to get the result you want the most as well as saving more cash. Other than using the pumice stone, you can also use washcloth in performing the procedure. In this case, you should not forget applying some moisturizer after you smooth the callus on your feet. This will not only return the condition of your feet after the procedure but will also make your feet healthier and more beautiful too.