Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Best Waterproof Mascara

Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Best Waterproof Mascara

It cannot be denied that at this point of time best waterproof mascara are searched by more and more women because all of them really know about the great benefit of this cosmetic product. It is none other but the fact that the mascara can stay longer and better than those which are not made to be waterproof. In a more specific way, this kind of mascara will never smear, smudge, or even run so the final result is nothing else but the very unattractive look. It is the reason why more women turn to choose this type of cosmetic instead of experiencing the terrible experience.

If by any chance right now you are also looking for new mascara with waterproof feature, you need to know that brands are not the only things you need to take into consideration. There are really some other more important things you need to think about too. The reason is nothing else but better possibility for you to get the best cosmetic ever. To make it easier for you, here is the brief information about things you need to rethink when about to buy this kind of mascara.

Water-Base Is Always the Best

The very first thing you need to consider when about to pick best waterproof mascara is whether or not it is a water-based cosmetic. Of course, it is quite clear that the water-based mascara is a much better choice you need to pick since this is definitely safer to wear and this basically does not create any harm to nature. You may not be aware of it but right now there are so many cosmetics that are made with chemical ingredients. Something like this is not only harmful for you and may cause you some serious disease, including also skin cancer. Instead, the chemical ingredients may also result to damages for environment.

The Abilities of the Mascara

Other than the previous point of consideration, there is still another one you need to think about too before deciding a certain brand of best waterproof mascara to pick. This is nothing else but the abilities of the mascara itself. The meaning of abilities here is the result the mascara can show when you wear it. Good mascara will not only avoid you from getting raccoon eyes. Instead, this will also makes your eyelashes to curl better. Something like this is the best when the type of eyelashes you own is the ones that are straight quite stubbornly. Other good quality of waterproof mascara which should be available in the one you is about to pick is the ability to avoid smudges when you factually have eyelids that are naturally oily. In simple words, waterproof mascara has the ability to make you beautiful in any condition. Besides, it should also have the quality to stay longer, especially when you are in a really hectic day that makes it quite impossible for you to have time to redo your makeup over and over again.

3 Natural Remedies You Can Find At Home To Grow Your Eyebrow

3 Natural Remedies You Can Find At Home To Grow Your Eyebrow

Eyebrow that is too thin is definitely a reason why people want to know further about how to grow eyebrow. Unfortunately, many of them still think that the use of medication, hair-growth cosmetic, or even brow tattoo are the best solutions to choose. Well, those are not really the best solutions people with thin brows should choose. Besides, those may also contain some side effects that will only create further problems, including long-term health problems. If you want your eyebrow to grow better in a safer way, certainly natural remedies are the ones you need to count on more. Thankfully, there are quite a lot of natural remedies you can simply find in your home that can really be used for eyebrow growth. Here are some of the examples that are easiest to find around you.

Coconut Oil

If you are curious about how to grow eyebrow naturally and what is the natural ingredient you should use, the very first example of natural ingredient you should choose is coconut oil. Clearly this ingredient is not that hard to find, right? Moreover, this has been proven having all natural contents that will be helpful in the growth of eyebrow, such as iron and vitamin E that is effective in creating thick eyebrow. The way to use the oil is easy because you only need to put enough drop of it on your fingertip and then apply the oil on the eyebrow. After that, you need to massage the area lightly. The best time to do it is at night when you can leave it while sleeping and rinse the eyebrow until it is clean by using warm water. For better result, you can do the trick for about 2 up to 3 months regularly every day.

Egg Yolk

Other Ingredient you can use as well to grow your eyebrow is egg yolk, which is factually even easier to find. The way to use this natural ingredient is quite the same with the previous one but you need to beat the yolk in order to make it thicker. Besides, there is no need to leave the eyebrow mask overnight since you only need to leave it sits for up to 20 minutes before rinsing it. The best thing about this natural ingredient is that you do not need to wear this as mask every day because twice a week of using is enough to get effective result. This result can be obtained because egg yolk itself contains high level of protein that is proven advantageous in creating healthier hair.


The last but not least ingredient that can let you know about how to grow eyebrow naturally is lemon, which is proven to contain some beneficial contents that are also needed in order to make eyebrow grow naturally without any chemical and harmful ingredients. Those beneficial contents are vitamin B and C as well as folic. The way to use lemon is quite simple since you only need to slice it thinly and then rub the slice on your eyebrow for about 20 minutes. This simple treatment can be done twice a week.

NARS Duo Eyeshadow: The Best Product You Need To Pick To Create Shimmery Eye Look

NARS Duo Eyeshadow: The Best Product You Need To Pick To Create Shimmery Eye Look

Shimmery eye look is recent trend in makeup and fashion that everyone should give a try, including also you. Instead of being simply trendy by wearing the eye-makeup, this trend can also make you shine better so attention is really the one you will get. Besides, you will be more confident too about your look. If you do believe in those things the best glitter eyeshadow is really the thing you need to look for and the one that we are about to talk about in this post is fabulous enough to be taken as the example. The product is nothing else but NARS Duo Eyeshadow.

Why It Is the Best

After hearing the recommendation to pick NARS Duo Eyeshadow as the best glitter eyeshadow, you may question in your mind about why this item is considered the best. In order to give you the answer of the question, you need to know that there are several good qualities found in this product. The first one is because this is available in some different shimmer duo-color options. Well, in this case it seems better for you to recognize that the eyeshades are also available in colors that are not shimmery. However, the shimmery color options are simply stunning. This is the first reason why the product is recommended. The fact is even better because it is pigminted really richly in order to create a way more beautiful look on the eyelids. No matter whether you apply this in a sheer way or in a more build-up way the result is always the same and amazing.

Other good thing you should know too is that the eyeshadow is made with anti-creased formula. That is why when you apply the shadow on your eyelids, it will lay perfectly on it. Therefore your look can be even shinier in a fabulous way and stay longer since the product is also made to be long-lasting

The product is factually also made to be safe to use, even regularly in every day. The only reason why it is said so is it is also a water-base product. As you may already know right now, water-base cosmetic products are more suggested to use for any skin type since this reduce the possibility for harmful side effects to occur, including also the occurrence of some more serious problems like skin cancer.

Proper Price for Proper Quality

If the first thing you see from this best glitter eyeshadow is the price, you may think it is a bit costly. For you to know, the original price applied to this shade is $35. With all best qualities that are already explained previously, this is not factually a high price to pay, you know. This is a roper price for all proper qualities owned inside the product, which are not always found in any other similar products. So, why should you risk you fabulous and stunning look by choosing something cheaper than this that does not come with guaranteed qualities? Certainly in this case, NARS Duo Eyeshadow is the best one to pick.

Finding The Best Eye Cream For Your Puffy Eyes

Finding The Best Eye Cream For Your Puffy Eyes

Almost everyone experience the swollen and puffy eyes when they wake up in the morning. Some of them may face the swollen eyes after the late night. Meanwhile, some of them experience their puffy eyes become worsen and worsen in the morning and the puffiness do not want to go away. Of course, people want to get rid of them. One of the ways is by finding the best eye cream for puffiness. In fact, there are a lot of skin care companies which produce the products for treating the chronic and occasional puffiness in people’s eyes. Here, this article may help you find the best one among them that is suitable for your need and problem.

Understanding the 10 main causes of your puffy eyes

Before purchasing the best eye cream for puffiness you have to understand the causes of your puffy eyes. Number one is your sleeping position. The wrong sleeping position can make the puffiness in your eye especially when you keep your head flat. It happens because this position make the fluid is collected in your eyes’ tissue. Number two is the use of contact lenses. The use of contact less are known to increase the eye irritation and infection even in the best circumstance or usage. Thus, it can make your eyes swollen and puffy. Number three is your diet. The consumption of alcohol and salt or salted food can improve the water retention and make puffiness around your eyes. Number four is the existence of allergies. The allergens which exist in the air or are caused by the eye rubbing can make your eyes turn into swollen, puffy and red one for a long period of time. Number five is the dryness around your eye. The dry skin or dryness around your eyes can support the puffiness and swollen in your eyes. It happens because it makes your eyes look wrinkled and tired. Number six is makeup residue. The use of makeup can be one of the puffy eye causes. It happens because the makeup residue can irritate your eyes caused by its material or substance. Number seven is crying. Yes. Crying can also make the puffy eyes. It happens because your crying can make inflammation around your eyes and make puffiness. Number eight is sun damage. The exposure of sun can make your eyes become wrinkled, dark and dry. In addition, without good protection, your eyes can start to be puffy and swollen. Number nine is the exposure of irritants. The irritant can irritate and make inflammation which leads you to get the puffy and swollen eyes. The last one is fat pads. The fat pads refer to the genetic or human’s natural looks.

Choosing the best eye products for puffiness

By understanding its cause, you can find what you need. You are able to match the eye product according your puffiness’ cause. You can solve your puffy eyes by correcting your lifestyle and purchase the skin care product if needed. The best eye products for puffiness are suitable for the eyes that need moisturizer such as those which are caused by dryness and sun damage.

Simple But Genius Tricks You Can Do In Applying Liquid Eyeliner When You Have Monolid

Simple But Genius Tricks You Can Do In Applying Liquid Eyeliner When You Have Monolid

For you who have monolid, applying liquid eyeliner seems to be a really hard thing to do. The reason is simply because you cannot really apply the eyeliner the same way done by those who have perfect double-eyelid. Even if it is so, it does not mean that the monolid is your imperfection. Basically, everyone is beautiful. Besides, there are also quite a lot of ways you can do in order to deal with the use of liquid eyeliner. The examples of ways you can do are mentioned in the following. As a matter of fact, these are the simple but genius tricks in how to apply liquid eyeliner that are surely helpful for you in creating an even better look every day and night.

Draw Thick Arch

The very first thing you need to know about how to apply liquid eyeliner when you have monolid is the fact that you cannot imply follow the steps in applying the same type of eyeliner designed for double-eyelid. If you do so, the result that you will get is nothing else but the disappearance of the eyeliner because the eyelids simply hide it when the eyes are open. In other hand, there will no makeup effect can be seen or you only do something useless.

Instead of getting something bad like that, there is a simple trick suggested for you to do. The trick is to make a thicker arch right above the lash line above your eyes instead of just a think line with the eyeliner. This way, when you open your eyed the lines can still be visible. If you ask about the perfect thickness, well actually everyone has different level of thickness. The best one for you is the one which can make the eyeliner still visible when you open your eyes. This trick is factually not only effective in dealing with the monolid. Instead, this is also helpful for you because thicker eye-line is way easier to create tan the thin ones.

Add Glitter for Perfect Night Look

The previous suggestion about how to apply liquid eyeliner for monolid is factually more suitable to wear at day. Well, this trick can still be used for your night look actually. However, the look will not be too stunning. That is why there is a simple thing you can do to deal with everything, especially to create you a way more fabulous look. The way is by using liquid glitter liner instead of regular liner. Something like this can make your spark even better. Other than that, shimmery cosmetic is quite popular in this recent time. If you are about to go directly to some night event or part after work, there is no need for you to redo everything when your time is so tight. You only need to add some glitter liner to renew the look. Something like this is so quick and simple to do, right? More importantly, you can use it to help you out in dealing with the monolid without having to do something scary like surgery.