How Do You Put On Dramatic Eye Make Up

Dramatic make up is a great way to make a statement, whether you are out at night, doing a performance or just want to distinguish yourself from others. There are several ways to put on dramatic eye make up, each depends upon the type of look you are after. You can achieve a remarkable vintage look, Goth, smoky eyes or even an emo look with just a few changes to your eye make up application.

Dramatic eyes are noticed quickly and first. But you want to be sure that the reason people are noticing is because you applied the make up correctly and well and not because you look more like a clown than you do have smoky eyes. The trick is to start small and add a bit at a time. You may even chose to stop application before the eye make up has reached the dramatic look you are trying to achieve but it is better to start small and grow than to go out looking like your four year old sister applied your make up.

Believe it or not there is a method to producing a dramatic eye make up look that is noticeable and well applied. You must always start with a good base. So start with a clean face by using a gentle cleanser without using toner. Toner isn’t used on the eyes but it bears mentioning that toner should be used at night after make up removal and face washing to tighten your skin and clean the remaining dirt from your face.

Once your face is cleaned and moisturized your ready to apply your dramatic eye make up. Here are some tips to help you apply a ‘look’ that fits your face, your eye structure and the type of application you are trying to achieve.

Start by addressing your eye structure and using techniques that camouflage the structure you don’t like. For instance you may have a large eye lid, hooded lids or deep set eyes. There are different techniques to make hooded lids appear more open and large lids appear smaller.

Look at your eye brows. Well groomed, trimmed and plucked eyebrows only add to your dramatic eye make up look. The old days of bushy brows are long gone, as are the days of a single line of hair that runs above the eye, or the eyebrows that are literally drawn on the face and contain no hair at all.

A dramatic eye make up effect will be done best with eye brows that can handle the attention and the color. Without a good base from which to work your dramatic eye make up will be floating without a port.

A dramatic eye will start with an eye liner. Liner should be applied near the roots of the lashes or on the inner lid for different effects. If the liner is applied near the roots then smudge the area near the outside corner of the eye to soften the look. Your aim is to look dramatic, not like it was painted on. Eye liner looks best when it is soft black, brown or purple. Use a brush to work it into the roots of your lashes for a more dramatic look.

Once you have the liner on you can apply a dark colored shadow directly over the top of the liner to give it a softer appearance without losing the drama. Remember that when you use dark colors they make the structure they are on appear smaller and lighter colors make the area look larger.

For instance if you have a large area under the brow you’ll want to use a light highlighter just under the brow and bring the dark color up to meet it. This also provides a more dramatic look to your eye make up.

Use an eye make up that doesn’t crease or you’ll be walking around all day with make up that is creased in your eyes.

Using the dark eye shadow to wing at the corner of the eyes works well in women who have no sagging at the eye and using a more rounded corner will help those with sagging skin who want the darker make up. Layer the color and mix the darker colors with the lighter ones to get a truly unique color combination made specifically for you and your eyes.

How do you put on dramatic eye make up depends upon the color of your eyes, how long you want it to last and how long you want to spend in front of the mirror. But in any case, it’s a process that is very doable and very dramatic when you’re done.

Why E.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Is The Best To Pick

Why E.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Is The Best To Pick

In the category of best waterproof eyeliner, there are so many options available but the fact that you need to know is that not all of those are really the best. If by any chance you are now looking for the best one to look best this summer without any smearing and smearing, e.l.f Waterproof Eyeliner Pen can be the choice you need to put into consideration. Instead of being great in a way only, this cosmetic is factually great in many other ways. Here is the brief review for you to read further.

The Best Qualities about the Product

If being asked about the best qualities of this best waterproof eyeliner, it can simply be put in words that this product is the best basically because you will be able to get the best beautiful look on your eyes without creating any mess. The very first reason why this can be said so is the design of it is similar to the design of a pen so you can directly apply the liner once you open the cap. There is no separate brush found in it. You can simply use the product on your lash line in the quite same way when you use pen. That is why you will never see any mess in using this liner.

The eyeliner itself can create quite defining look to whoever wearing it. Moreover, this is also available in some different color options, including; ash, black, coffee, midnight, and plum. This way, you will not only be able to pick a color that can match your skin tone or the color of your eyes. Instead, it is also possible for you to find something matching with the color of eyeshade you use. In other words, a stunning look can be obtained easily at any time you want, right?

This eyeliner is already tested best in resisting water too, which is factually also the main feature of the cosmetic. The result of various tests had been conducted to this eyeliner before is after being splashed with water there is almost no smear and smudge found. The last but not least best quality you need to know too is the fact that the liner is quite easy to quite easy to remove too.

The Price You Have to Pay

Besides all of the best qualities mentioned in the previous part, there is still one good thing you need to know from this best waterproof eyeliner product. It is nothing else but the price applied to it by the manufacturer. With all best qualities this product owns, it is quite surprising that the product is sold in a quite low price. The price is only about $2. That is why it can be concluded that beauty look should not always be obtained by paying a lot of money, right? This is something which completes the recommendation for you to purchase this waterproof eye-makeup than others. Get this best eyeliner now and proof that this is really the best you have to pick.

Tips In Picking Eyeshadow Tone To Match Your Blue Eyes

Tips In Picking Eyeshadow Tone To Match Your Blue Eyes

Having a pair of blue yes is undeniably exceptional and many people really think this as something beautiful. However, the thing you also need to realize is that your blue eyes will never look the most beautiful when you do not know about choosing the right eye-makeup that will make your eyes pop. The most specific type of makeup we talk about here is nothing else but best eyeshadow for blue eyes. For blue eyes, not all tones of shadow can make these look the best. That is why choosing the right tone is considered important, especially when you always want to look the best. As a clue for you, here are some tone examples that you can pair with the beauty color of your eyes.

The Choice of Warm Colors

The very first category of best eyeshadow for blue eyes is nothing else but warm colors. Something like this has been used for a quite long time and even acknowledged by a lot of makeup experts. Warm colors are always the best to compliment blue eyes, which basically have a rather cool tone. By applying warm color on you lids, there is a bigger chance for you to look more standout.

If being asked about the examples of this color category, the first one you need to consider is terra-cotta. Applying this color on your lids can be said to be the simplest way to make your eyes the center of attention without making the blue eyes less prominent than the shadow tone. Other warm color option you can consider too is orange. As a warm color, orange is best when it comes to being totally contrasted with the iris color of the eyes. The best tone to pick from orange category is pale orange which is soft enough to make the whole appearance looks sweet.

Purple Shadows to Accentuate Your Eyes

If you do not really like the choices of warm color, there is still another choice of best eyeshadow for blue eyes you can pick as alternative. This is none other but purple shadows. If the previous color choice is best to compliment your eyes. This one is better to accentuate your eyes instead. The best thing about this is that any purple shadow is factually a perfect tone to pick on fall season. The combination between blue and purple color can really form a stunningly beautiful look on your face. As suggestion, when you pick purple shadow to decorate your lids, please remember not to use too many purple items at the same time no matter whether it is outfit, accessories, of footwear since this will only make you look like you are about to go to a kind of costume party or something like that. It is clearly the best to let our eyes be the center of attention with the purple color you apply on its lids. Other suggestion you may also be interested in is shimmery purples that can also make you look even better.

The Best Shades You Need To Pick To Compliment Your Brown Eyes Fabulously

The Best Shades You Need To Pick To Compliment Your Brown Eyes Fabulously

Best eyeshadow for brown eyes is really an important thing you need to know about if you really want to look the best all the time. Clearly, this is related to the fact that different eyes color can only look best when it is paired with the right makeup color. Of course, in this case most suitable type of makeup is nothing else but shadows. Other thing you also need to know here is that this is not about the brand of the makeup product but it is more to the tone of the shadow. By knowing about which tone is the best to pair with your brown eyes it will never be that hard for you to create a stunning look in every of your appearances.

Vibrant Blue Shadow

The best thing about brown eyes is because the color is basically a mixture of very lots of primary colors we know. That is why lot options of shadow can really be paired with the brown eyes perfectly. The first example of eyeshadow you can wear to compliment your brown eyes is vibrant blue. This is such a good example because it can really make the eyes pop because of the contrast look resulted.

If by any chance you are not really interested in pop color like this, you can choose navy blue instead. The best thing about this one is also located in the contrast result. The same tone is also best to choose for your liner actually.

Gold and Shimmer Shadow

The next best eyeshadow for brown eyes is everything with a touch of gold and shimmer. This choice is even considered much better than earth tones, which are factually also best for brown eyes. The reason is because earthy colors are rather dull while other golden and shimmery tones can make an even catchier look. An example of tone can be chosen here is greenish gold that can match the color of the brown eyes quite amazingly.

Copper Shadow

Another choice of eyeshadow which should not be forgotten when you have brown eyes is copper shadow that is also included in the category of metallic color. Another thing you need to know too is that this color is the best factually. Besides the fact that this actually also have the touch of brown, this is the best color to highlight brown eyes too. Moreover, this color still has the shimmery touch which can add more texture to the makeup as well.

Nude Shadow

It seems nude shadow is always suitable to pair with any eye colors. This is certainly also the reason why this shadow category is included as one of the best eyeshadow for brown eyes. Even so, you need to remember that this type of shadow should be applied rightly in order to avoid you from looking dull and unattractive. So, from all tones of eyeshadow mentioned here, which one will you choose not only to match your personal taste but also to create an even more beautiful look than before?

Three Easy Methods To Remove Stubborn Waterproof Mascara

Three Easy Methods To Remove Stubborn Waterproof Mascara

Wearing mascara to support your appeal is surely a great thing for women because the charm emitted from the eyes can be more optimized. And things can be a lot much better if you choose waterproof mascara as it will stay stronger there on your eye lashes. However, things can be a little troublesome when you want to remove it. Because it’s designed to stay strongly there, it’s quite hard to remove it completely. You don’t want to have the mascara there all the time right? So, how to remove waterproof mascara. Here, you’re going to learn about it.

Use Eye Makeup Remover Products

The first thing and also the easiest one to do is to use eye makeup remover. It’s really good to know that there have been a lot of products like that you can find in the market nowadays. So, it should not be a big problem anymore for you. However, you need to know that not all of the eye makeup remover products as mentioned earlier are suitable for you. It’s a good idea for you to choose the one which contains hypoallergenic materials. The reason being is because you’re dealing with the makeup for the eyes and the eyes are really sensitive. You don’t want to have irritated eyes and sore eyes because the makeup remover accidentally drips in your eyes. Even if your skin isn’t that sensitive, it’s still a good thing to choose the hypoallergenic products.

Baby Shampoo Can Come in Handy

The second way on how to remove waterproof mascara is to use baby shampoo. This method is claimed to be the safest one as there’s no harmful ingredient inside baby shampoo. Only use a small amount of baby shampoo and it should be enough to help your remove the waterproof mascara. Apply the shampoo gently on the area around your eyes gently. Don’t forget to close your eyes! Rub the shampoo slowly until the mascara is clean completely. Then you can rinse the shampoo and you’ll see the mascara has gone. If it hasn’t gone, you can apply the shampoo again.

Try Cold Cream

Another method on how to remove waterproof mascara is to use cold cream. Perhaps you have not really known it but cold cream products can actually help you deal with stubborn makeup like the waterproof mascara. Even better, it can even help you wipe the entire makeup you apply on your face. In order to wipe the waterproof mascara, you can start by washing your face with the cleanser you usually use and apply cold cream. You can see the cold cream acts as conditioning treatment. Let the cold cream stay there for about 3 – 5 minutes and you can then wipe it with warm washcloth or with warm water.

As you can see, the three methods in removing waterproof mascara above should be able to let your eyes clean from the waterproof mascara. It’s really easy, right? Just simply do one of the methods above by considering what you have around you. If you have baby shampoo, use it. If you have eye makeup remover, you can use it. Or if you have cold cream, you can rely on it. Have a nice try.