Braided Hairstyles For White Girls: Make It Simple


Braided hairstyles for white girls are flexible. In general, braid hairstyles are known for summer because they keep your hair on the right track, no matter how sweaty or bad your bad-hair-day is. However, nowadays, braid hairstyles can be applied for all season because they’re unique and sweet at the same time. You can create them for formal and non-formal occasion. Braided hairstyles are seen to be challenge of creativity for your hair. The braids are actually unique, they have different look depending on which type of bride that you choose. Also, the braids can be both complicated and simple. Usually the complicated ones needed to be done by professionals because they have to have double security for their look. Meanwhile, the simple ones can be done by you and worn for daily activities. Here are examples of braid hairstyles that you can do at home.

Crown of the Braids

Braided crown is one of the most favorite braided hairstyles for white girls. This braid hairstyle will be good for medium until long hair. At first, you may divide your hair into two lower pigtails. After that, keep them that way by using elastics (preferably the clear or transparent ones). Then, pull one braid over your head and use bobby pins to keep the braids that way. After that, repeat the same thing on another side of the head. For the finishing, place the second braid behind the first ones for creating sleek and elegant touch. You can use this hairstyle with or without leaving the rest of the hair falling down. It looks simple, elegant, and good for different occasions without having to re-do your hairstyles.

One Side of the Fishtail

As part of braided hairstyles for white girls, the fishtail braid will never disappoint you. It has feminine and casual look at the same time. This type of braid will look better for long hair, especially if it has wavy texture that can make the fishtail braiding process easier. If your hair is straight, create the texture before braiding by using curling iron. Bohemian chic style will be more gorgeous with the fishtail braid, especially if you pull each side of the braid apart with your finger slowly.

Ponytails and Braids
Ponytails and braids usually used for variations. While ponytails give casual look to the hairstyle, the braids add the girly and beauty to the hairstyle well. At first, you may create the braid on one side of the head; then continue the braids until they reach the tip of the hair. From this, you can continue with wrapping the ponytails with the hair that is left. In order to make the hairstyles look pretty, adding ribbon or other fun elastics around the base of the ponytails will be perfect. Secondly, layered ponytails also can be combined with the braids. In the general layered ponytails, you just need to divide the hair horizontally. Meanwhile, the braids can be created in the middle of the layered ponytails. In the end, the ponytails and the braids can flow into the same direction.



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