Give It a Twist: Braid Styles For Black Women


It’s the period of braid styles for black women. The braid styles have reached their popularity before. Now, these amazing twists on your hair come again to influence the runways and also your hairstyle. Luckily, you have thick hair and also natural perm that will look beautiful with braid.

Many advantages you’ll get from the braid styles. First, they have beautiful look that will put your hair under a magic spell instantly. Yes, they’re complicated in the beginning too, but the result is worth to try. Even if sometimes you feel a little bit pain when braid process is going, you just need to wait patiently and see the amazing result on your hair. Second, braid styles always suitable for different situations and conditions. They include formal and informal party where, actually, you can make an experiment with the braid styles on your hair. Third, the braid styles are great for every outfit that you’re wearing. Starting from boho chic, casual and simple, romantic and glamorous – everything can be different and unique just because your hair is braided. With the braid styles, every style will be fine on your list. And here are types of braid styles that you can have to change your look from ordinary to exquisitely amazing.

Cornrows Braid Style

Make a line for cornrows now because it’s already seen on the runway. As one of the most popular braid styles for black women, the cornrows never lose their charm. The cornrows have small and tight braids that are arranged against the scalp. They’re usually done by professionals and called as part of the art in bread styles. Generally, once the top area of the head is already braided in cornrows, the rest of there is also treated the same way. However, you can let the rest of there is released from the cornrows in order to give variations on the top of the head. As the result, it’s only focused on the top of the head. Moreover, you can go messy with this braid style, add several hairpins to hold the end of the cornrows for sweet look, or combine it with other braid style types. Tips for having this braid style: Don’t forget to apply leave-in conditioner to keep the shape beautiful as well as protect both your hair and scalp. And when you release the cornrows – voila! – your hair turns into unique curly.

Romantic and Glamour Braid Styles

Going to have romantic dinner or formal occasion tonight? Try romantic braid styles for black women. The most exciting part is; your hair doesn’t need to be fully braided. It’s done to accentuate the elegance of the hairstyle. You have many choices for this. First, you can do updo braided style. Perhaps just giving a twist on the peak is already common, but what if you leave braided trail on the way to the peak? That would be great. Second, you can bring the braids down by just braiding the lower part of your hair; then roll it to make a bun. In order to make it more gorgeous, you can tuck small flower. Third, use fishtail braid, but the loosen one.



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