Steps To Select Best Hair Color For Me


Reasons force me to think of the best hair color for me. Changing appearance is such a good idea that may make me feel better. One of the easiest things to make the changing is by doing something to the hair. Coloring it is a great idea to make a wonderful change. However, choosing a new color for hair is not that easy. If I do some mistakes, the result may be very disappointing. Besides the bad result of the coloring, the health of the body and skin may become worse. Thus, some steps are needed to take proper action of hair coloring.

Simple tips to select best hair color for me?

The first and also the basic step is considering your skin. It is important to think about the skins. Since, the colored hair will touch them directly. When the color of the hair and the skin are not suitable, the hair coloring will not make you look better, but even worse. For the pale skin, so many colors will be fine. However, the very dark one will not be that good. Having a very dark and black hair makes you look even paler. Bright and yellow skins are very good to have deep colors. Similar color of the hair is not suggested. Then, the second steps are by thinking of your suitable color of clothes. In fact, suitable clothes will be different for one and another. For example, I may be better in red, but do not you. Thus, the warmer color of the hair may be the best hair color for me. Differently, when you suit the grey or purple dresses, beige blonde is much better.

The third step is by determining your jewelry. Not only the color of the skins and the clothes that determine the best hair color for me, but also the kind of jewelry. If you match the silver more, it means that your skin is cool. Then, if you are better with the gold, your skin is categorized as warm. By knowing such knowledge, the color of the hair is matched very well. Last, the eye color will also matter to your hair beauty. The unsuitable colors of the eye and the hair will destroy the beauty you imagine. Both have to be in line, since they are located nearly in the face.

Those four steps are very significance in determining best hair color for me. However, considering some other points may be beneficial. For example, although changing the hair color is nice, doing it in so many times will not be good for you. Your first changing is better to be done by the expert. Since, this first action affects so much to the health of the hair and the skin. Then, after having an extreme hair color, it is better to have the soft one after it. It is not very well to change the extreme color to another extreme color. By right steps and tips of coloring the hair, having a healthy beautiful hair with favorite color is not a big problem.


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