Two Best Airbrush Makeup Kits Reviews


In today’s modern days, best airbrush makeup kits trend to be chosen by many people than the traditional makeup. Well, as we have already known, airbrush makeup is easy to use. You only need a little time to apply it. It also is sanitary safe because you do not have to use makeup brushes. Air brush makeup gives you better coverage and also long lasting makeup than the traditional one. Most airbrush makeup brands are always trying to make new innovation of the tools and also makeup. It results in the number of airbrush makeup types provided in stores. Below are some of the best airbrush makeup kits reviews for you who are willing to buy the perfect one. The reviews will help you decide the type and design that meet your requirements.


1. Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kits

best airbrush makeup kits

Dinair is surely the most popular air brush makeup kit brand you can find on the market. It has amazing makeup that felt so light on your skin. This brand comes in average price so it is affordable. When you buy this makeup kit you will get the compressor, a beauty brush, foundation shades, moisturizer, bonus shades, and many more. It also includes an instructional DVD so you do not need to worry about how to use it. You can choose the compressor that you like since it comes in 14 different color such as black, white, and red.



best Dinair Airbrush makeup Kits

Dinair Airbrush makeup Kits


Dinair airbrush makeup kit is very easy to use and also lightweight. Despite the compact size, this kit is powerful enough for home-use and part-time professional makeup artists-use. Dinair has an interesting range of mattes and satins for twenty shades of foundation, twelve shades for blush and lips, etc. This quality is one thing which makes Dinair different from other brands.

2. Bellocio Airbrush Makeup Kits

best airbrush makeup kit

Bellecio airbrush makeup kits


One of the best airbrush makeup kits is Bellocio. This brand is undoubted an amazing all around kit for beginners and for home use. It comes with great quality makeup, compressor and fantastic air brush. The ‘all in one’ system of this kit allows you applying primer, foundation, blush, highlighter and bronzer. Besides, It is also easy to use.

When you are about to use the kit, you will find a ‘mode’ switch on the hose. This incredible feature allows you to control the airflow from low, medium and high. It is important since you need different air flow in doing each activity, for example concealing (low pressure) to cleaning (high pressure). The compressor is small and provides you with three different flow settings. The settings give you chance to have direct control. It is of course a great tool for those who are new to airbrush makeup. Another feature is the built-in airbrush holder which usually only can be found in expensive compressors.. The kit comes in a package with cosmetic bag, compressor, airbrush, cleaner, tanning solution, a moisturizing primer and various selections of foundation and blush. In addition, Bellocio compressor has great and shiny looking with metallic finish.


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