How To Become a Make Up Artist


Imagine putting on other people’s make up for a living. You are invited to parties, social events and even are paid to meet celebrities! Make up artists are involved with people during exciting times of their lives like awards, events, and weddings for celebrities, models, politicians and actors. You can travel, choose where you live, open your own business or work for someone else.

The hours for a make up artist are flexible but also require flexibility from you. It’s not likely that you’ll have many clients who want their make up done before 10 am so if you are a morning person and want your evenings free you should probably look to another business.

The requirements to become a make up artist are not as stringent as a cosmetician or esthetician. And a make up artist has a bit of flexibility with the type of job or business that is available. Make up artists ply their trade with advertising agencies, modeling agencies, models, salons and spas, magazines, movies, music videos, television, theater and runway shows.

How you become a make up artist is fairly simple but also requires time and commitment, as does anything else that is worth doing. There are two different ways you can approach this. You will be able to learn make up application on your own or you may want to invest in the knowledge of a professional. There are a couple of professional schools that offer courses as home study to learn make up application and television/movie creative make up as you might have seen on Star Wars.

If you choose to learn on your own you will begin by visiting your local library for books and DVDs on applying theatrical make up and make up application. Read through them and learn the different face structures noting which type of eye shadow or blush looks best. You should also have a few make up sessions on yourself. You can make appointments at your local salons or even at the local high end department stores. Ask questions about the application of the make up on different bone structures. Even take friend with a face structure that’s different from yours and watch her make up application at the department stores.

This can be fun for you and your friend, but it is very instructional. Be sure to pay your consultant by purchasing an eye shadow, blush, mascara or even perfume to pay for her time and energy.

Once you are comfortable with the different facial structures and application approach your local theater groups. Explain that you are building your resume as a make up artist and offer to do make up for their productions. Ask for an interview and bring a resume. If you have had any experience in the performing arts be sure to include that in your resume.

After you working with the theater groups carry business cards with you that you can pass out to the cast and crew if they ask. Be helpful and demonstrate that you are willing to work and help. Arrive a bit early for work and do as you are told. If you have ideas or suggestions find out how they want those communicated. Some bosses want your input while others want to have nothing to do with your ideas.

Keep a great attitude. You’ll have long hours but the work is rewarding and creative. After you’ve built your resume with theater work you may find you want to branch out to salons, television, weddings (contact wedding consultants) or magazines. The more people you network with and get to know the better your chances of increasing the size and scope of your business.



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