Become Fashionable With Brownish Blonde Hair Colors


Become Fashionable With Brownish Blonde Hair Colors – For you who are confused about what color you should use for your hair, you should consider brownish blonde hair colors. That is very sexy and will make you look outstanding. Nowadays, people cannot help but crave a hair change. Some of them just do a cute cut and some of them choose a more playful color so that they appear to be fresher than before. There are several steps you can take when you are planning to dye your hair.

Do Some Research
The first thing you can do is doing some research. You need to ask for some of your friends’ opinion about what color will be the best for you. You can ask to some hair colorist whether brownish blonde hair colors are good for you or not. Find a colorist based on recommendations from some of them who have been treated. Choose the right saloon that is already well known for coloring hairs. It is very important because you need to have the best service and you do not want to ruin your healthy and beautiful hair.

Take It Slowly
The next one is that you do not need to rush. Although people say that the change can be made in only one day, however it is healthier for your hair to take things slowly. Experts suggest using a few different techniques to make things look more natural. When you take everything way too fast, you might not get the best result. So, you better take it slowly.

Prepare Enough Time and Budgets
Even though it is healthier to take everything slowly, you still can make a change in only one night. However, it definitely needs much money and you might have to sit for a few hours in that day. I think that is okay as long as you get to change your hair color in only one day.

Pick a Blonde Shade Based On Your Natural Hair and Skin Tone

The next one is very important. It is about picking the right shade that will suit your skin tone. You can ask whether the brownish blonde hair colors are suitable for you. The concept is that the darker you are, the more golden and warm tones you’ll have. If you’re more of a natural dark blonde or light brown, then you should go for more of a cooler, ashier tone. If you have porcelain skin, you can take your blonde to a pale yellow, brighter kind of beige-y blonde, but if you’re more tan, you might want to go more honey-toned.

Getting a Haircut After Getting Your Hair Dyed
This point is pretty important. You have to keep it in your mind that if you want to cut your hair, you need to wait until it gets dyed. Why do you need to do that? It is because dyeing your hair with bleach can cause a lot of damage, so in order to keep your hair as healthy as possible, schedule a haircut following your color.




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