Beauty Make Up Tips


Do you want to use the same make up tricks that the professionals use? You can accentuate your best features and play down the ones that trouble you the most. Beauty make up tips have been helping women for centuries to look their best and present their best face to the world. Today television has taken those tools another step and use some of the same tricks on men to tone down scars, place scars, get rid of acne on screen or even place acne for specific scenes.

Make up has gone beyond the standard beauty make up tips and has gone on to be able to transform people’s faces so they aren’t even recognizable to their own mothers! But today we are interested in some of the beauty make up tips that artists use to make the stars appear their best when they are walking down the red carpet. Like everyone else Hollywood stars don’t look their best each and every day. Make up is the trick used to help conceal a long night out or an unplanned acne breakout.

Ok, acne breakouts are never planned. But you get the point.

Beauty make up tips are designed to help you discover a new look and update your current outdated make up style.

Let’s begin with foundation. Foundation today must be light, airy, not look present and have great coverage. The goal of foundation isn’t to cover up blemishes or scars but just to even out skin tone and blotches in the skin. The color of the foundation should closely match your skin tone on your neck so you aren’t left with a line of foundation around the chin area.

Today you have choices about your make up and how you present yourself. There are options for your eye brows, eye shadows, blush and lipstick that can completely change your look. Below are some beauty make up tips to get you started.

Eye Shadow
Winged shading – brushed up and out from the eye – looks best when the skin at the corner of the eye isn’t sagging and still firm.
Rounded shading – brushed down from the eye – is used when the brow bone markedly curves around the eye and there is a sag noticeable.
Once the choice of shading is finished then you are ready to apply highlighting and shadow combinations. The crease of the eye should always be shaded.
Highlight the eyelid around the shaded area – best for deep set eyes
Highlight the eyelid and wing the shading – for younger deep set eyes
Shade the eyelid and round the shading
Or shade the eyelid and wing the shading
If you have a prominent eyelid you can make it look smaller by highlighting only below the eybrow and not any of the lid.
If you have a hooded eyelid and it disappears you can make it look like there is more by shading the crease and spreading the shadow outwards to the corner of the eye

Eye Brows:
No two eye brows are the same but plucking and shaping can give you a symmetrical appearance.
Use tweezers with pointed or slanted tips to grip the hairs best
You can also have your eyebrows threaded the first time by a professional and then just keep up the tweezing
Pluck below the brow line to shape and only above the line to clean up the small hairs. Do NOT shape from the top.
Follow the natural arch of the eye brow.
Pluck the hairs out slowly and check the progress of the shape often in the mirror.
Pluck one hair at a time as close to the root as possible in the direction of the growth of the hair.
Once you are done shaping brush the hairs up and using a small scissors trim the hair across the top. Now brush them down.
You may need to use an eyebrow pencil to achieve symmetry. Use a color that most closely resembles the color of your hair. Only fill in the gaps – do not draw in eye brows.

Look at the shape of your face and determine if your cheek bones are high and prominent or plump.
For a rounded face you want to apply the blush from the ear forward and stop before you get to the apple of your cheek.
For a face with high cheek bones you want to apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks.
Use a color that blends into your skin tone and doesn’t make you look like a clown.

The best beauty make up tip is that your make up should look natural and enhance your natural beauty without making people stare for all the wrong reasons.



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