Get a Charming Hair Color Using Auburn Hair Color Chart


You may need Auburn hair color chart when you are about to color your hair. Some of you may not understand about what Auburn hair color is like. Auburn hair can be defined as a variety of red hair, most commonly described as reddish-brown in color. It ranges in shades from medium to dark. For example, brown hair, it is common with a wide array of skin-tones and eye-colors, but as is the case with most red hair, it is commonly associated with light skin features. The chemical pigments that cause the coloration of auburn hair are frequently pheomelanin with high levels of eumelanin.

The Definition of Auburn Hair Color

Now, we will be talking about the definition of Auburn hair color. The word “Auburn” can be used to describe many shades of reddish hair with similar definitions or hues. Later on, there are what we call Auburn hair color chart that helps us to choose which one is the color we want for our hairs. Auburn encompasses the color maroon, but so too do chestnut and burgundy. In contrast with the two, auburn is more red in color, while chestnut is more brown, and burgundy is more purple; chestnut hair is also often referred to as “chestnut-brown”.

If you want the history of it then I will start with the word “auburn” that comes from the Old French word alborne, which meant blond, coming from Latin word alburnus (“off-white”). The first recorded use of auburn in English was in 1430. The word was sometimes corrupted into abram, for example in early (pre-1685) folios of Coriolanus, Thomas Kyd’s Soliman and Perseda (1588) and Thomas Middleton’s Blurt, Master Constable (1601).

This Auburn hair is mostly used by people of northern and western European descent, but it is quite rare elsewhere. Auburn hair occurs most frequently in, Scandinavia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, the Benelux countries, France, Poland, north Iberia and Russia. This hair color is less common farther south and southeast, but can occur somewhat regularly in Southern Europe (more so in Spain, and to some extent Portugal and Italy). It can also be found in other parts of the world settled by genetically European people, such as North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Siberia, etc. There is no specific explanation about it is like that, but it might be because people in northern and western Europe are the ones that have the perfect skin tones for the Auburn hair. However, Auburn hair is also found in Latin America, especially southern Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. In Argentina and Uruguay, today, auburn hair is quite common but it was very rare at the time of Independence from Spain. Auburn hair in Latin America is common among descendants of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Northern European (German, Scandinavian, British, Polish, and Russian) immigrants.

This color is actually very attractive. It is just not many people are brave enough trying this hair color. You better see the Auburn hair color chart for clearer image of how beautiful they are. Of course, you need to also suit it with your skin tone.




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