How To Apply Blue Hair Dye


If you are confident and bold enough to try out a completely new color which is very much different from the regular hair dye shades, then blue is always a good choice. They look sexy, cool and funky!

There is a way to dye your hair blue. You just can’t apply a bottle of blue hair dye directly to your hair, like you would normally do with the regular hair dyes. In case of blue hair dye, you would need to bleach your hair first. This is because, blue or for that matter any other bright color don’t show well on dark hair color.

Even if you have blonde hair, the color of your hair should be light yellow or platinum shade so that the blue hair dye shows well on your hair. The number of times you bleach your hair depends on the natural color and thickness of your hair. If you have dark hair, you might require multiple bleaching, till you get the yellow or platinum shade.

Dry your hair completely after bleaching so that the cuticles of the hair open up. Once your hair is dry, you are now ready to apply the blue dye. Make sure you start applying from the roots and comb it outwards to the tips. Spread the hair color evenly. Repeat this procedure till you have completely saturated your hair. If you only want blue highlights, then streak your hair with blue hair color and leave it for about an hour.

Now rinse you’re the hair color with preferable cold water to close the cuticles. Do not rinse it excessively. Your hair will have a lovely blue color once you let your hair dry. You need to maintain the color on your hair to get the best results for a long time.

You can apply heat to your hair to enhance the hair color. But make sure you don’t apply direct heat as it may dry out the hair dye. Wear a plastic wrap on your head and then apply heat. Since you’ve bleached your hair prior to applying blue hair dye, it would help to condition your hair one in a while to prevent hair breakage and damage.

It’s always best to consult a professional hair colorist instead of trying this out yourself. They will give you tips on how to keep the hair color looking good for a long time and more over the technique they use while dyeing is going to give you an even and more superior results.



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