70’s Fashion And Makeup


Fashion and make up styles continue to evolve and change. Each decade brings it’s own style of clothing and make up techniques that differentiate it from other years. The 1970’s was not different. The 70’s fashion and make up was one of the first times that women could decide for themselves what was comfortable and what wasn’t.

For instance mini-skirts, maxi-skirt or hot pants could all be in one woman’s closet and worn on days that she felt like it. During the evening many women wore a maxi-skirt or evening trousers with a halter top. Empire line dresses were very popular in a mini-skirt style or in a more traditional midi – length (knee length).

For some, the 1970’s represented an almost anything goes decade when styles ranged from the clunky to the soft and feminine. The era was very tumultuous as feminists protested, the Watergate Scandal was exposed, Vietnam war and fears about global pollution all came to the forefront in the media. These events all fueled the fashion designers to produce items that were more cutting edge and at the same time more comforting.

Fashion changes were evident not only for women but also for men. Nike was founded in 1972, and while the athletic craze hadn’t quite entered completely it was a strong beginning. More people began running and running shoes were a staple in both men’s and women’s closets. Men began borrowing clothing from the women’s section and wearing make up or polishing their nails (clear). Boas, blouses and slinky shirts became the rage for celebs in both the television and music scenes.

Hair was also long and straight, parted slightly to one side with wings that were popularized by Farrah Fawcett. This style needed hours with a curling iron, straightening iron, mouse, and spray. The wearer couldn’t attempt anything outside or athletic or the hair would be damaged. On the other hand Afro perms were also stylish and they required only an air dry and a pick to fluff them.

Disco was all the rage. The fashion style made popular by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever swept the nation quickly and made it’s exit just as quickly. This might have had something to do with how uncomfortable it was to wear skin tight pants, slinky shirts and platform shoes.

Make up was soft, fresh and natural looking. Women used fake tans and bronzers to pose as sun worshippers without the damage of the sun’s rays. Foundation was rarely used and if it was no powder was applied so there was a shimmer or sheen left to the skin. Colors for blush, lipstick and eye shadows were natural colors with a bit of shimmer.

Make up that was often omitted were mascara, lip liner and caked on foundations. Shimmering eye shadows, muted blush, and frosted lipstick were the mainstays of a 70’s woman on the go.



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