3 Top Makeup Brands List


With various makeup brands circulated on the market, you may be confused picking the right one that suit your requirements. There are 3 top makeup brands list you may choose. Those brands are very prominent among others and certainly have high ranks.

1. L’Oreal Group

Top makeup brands

The world’s largest cosmetic and beauty company, L’Oreal Group is undoubted the number one brand within the list. Though this brand is first known from its hair color products, now it also has amazing beauty products spread around the world. L’oreal exactly knows that safety is the first aspect the customers place the trust in. All Loreal’s products are clinical tested. So, you do not need about the safety of the products. Moreover, L’Oreal has different types of products that are adapted for individual needs. You will easily find the certain type of skincare that suits your skin color and type. You will able to find the best cosmetics and makeup with wide range of selections including lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, and many more.

2. Olay


top makeup brands 2015


Top makeup brands

Based on the United States, Olay have broken the beauty industry market in only a short span of time. Olay provides us with amazing products that come in various range of types. The products include foundation, anti aging, cleanser, etc. Olay is at the forefront of the product quality aspect. The products are laboratory test certified, so those products surely safe and trusting to use. The ingredients used in Olay’s products are right for all skin types even for those with sensitive skin. Olay skincare involve general moisturizing lotions in the products. Those are strategic formulated for certain areas of the face and body so that they effectively affect the area. Well, maybe this is the reason why some women always return to Olay and never want to try the other products, isn’t it?



3. Maybellinebest makeup brands
One of top makeup brands you should also know is Maybelline. This France-based brand has gained enormous popularity in many parts of the world. Maybelline provides you with wide variety of makeup products. It includes octinoxate active ingredients that are useful as skin conditioner, suspending agents, thickening agents, antioxidants, etc. the main ingredient of the products are used as UV protection. It is able to absorb and reflect the sunrays and prevent collage damage. This results in diminishing the effects of aging skin. Moreover, skin conditioner also included in Maybelline’s products.

Women are naturally more concerned about their appearance. That is why they usually apply some beauty products to enhance their look and give extra confident. Those products are a great way that keeps them gorgeous whenever and wherever they go. One thing every woman should remember is that using the products that suit your type of skin. This means the color and also the sensitiveness of your skin. Moreover, it is better for you, especially those who have no experience in makeup products before, to use top makeup brands. It is because those products are usually trusted, safe, and great in the term of quality.



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Top makeup brands

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