3 Day Facelift/ Weekend Facelift


As today’s baby boomers march on toward retirement, more and more men and women are searching for the famed fountain of youth. Many think they have found it in the 3 day facelift, also called the weekend facelift or mini facelift.

In past years recovery from cosmetic surgery has been a long and painful process. Today, with the advent of new technology and improved procedures, patients can often reap the benefits of what was once major surgery in a weekend facelift. Unfortunately, once your 3 day facelift is completed, time continues to march on. Without life style changes such as a proper diet, exercise, restful sleep, stopping smoking and good skincare, the changes you achieved in your 3 day facelift will soon vanish.

There are two distinct types of weekend facelifts. One is the mini facelift, in which surgeons tighten the superficial layers of skin and provide the patient with a more toned appearance. In the second procedure, a quick lift, surgeons also address the underlying connective tissue in the face.

The goals of any 3 day facelift are to increase a more youthful appearance while, at the same time, decreasing potential for surgical risk. Some of those risks include blood clots, infection, poor reaction to the anethesia and noticeable surgical scarring. The 3 day facelift or weekend facelift will take the surgeon anywhere between one and five hours depending upon the procedure used, whether liposuction is involved and the amount of reconstruction that is desired.

The risk of surgery can be decreased in the hands of a capable and qualified surgeon. It is the responsibility of the patient to find references for the surgeon they chose and to check out the surgeons record to ensure they are getting good care. Because a plastic surgeon hangs out a shingle and says they do plastic surgery doesn’t mean that the surgeon is good at what he does.

Patients are often sent home with prescriptions for pain medication, but due to advanced surgical procedures, many find that over the counter medications are more than adequate. Tylenol, cold compresses and keeping your head elevated should help with the swelling and fluid retention.

Your plastic surgeon should also recommend that you sleep with your head elevated for at least a week to decrease the swelling and bruising in your face. Patients find that cold compresses relieve pain and swelling around the incision line. The 3 day facelift may actually be misnomer since the recovery period can actually vary from patient to patient. Depending upon the patient’s occupation and ability to recover, they may very well have the procedure completed as an out patient on Friday and be back to work on Monday. Others may find they require several more days to recover adequately.

The 3 day facelift or weekend facelift is cost effective with low pain threshold. However, there are some people who would prefer to first explore non-surgical techniques. There are several non-surgical facelifts that can be used in either men or women who prefer a more non-invasive technique or by those who would like to augment their weekend facelift.

Remember to explore your options and chose both the doctor and the procedure that best meets your needs and your lifestyle.




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