Silver Grey Hair Dye Cool Hair Color For The Young At Heart


If you’ve seen Richard Gere lately, you’ll know what I am speaking about. He has this sexy look, that sweet smile and sparkling eyes and to top it all, his silver grey hair just makes him look all the more sexy in a sophisticated way!

Many people look absolutely dashing with silver grey hair dye. This hair color is not for everyone. You really need to put this one off. Personally, I like silver grey hair dye on older people, say someone over 50. It goes well with their personality.

Many may think that silver grey hair will only make one look old but that’s not the case. I’ve also seen young guys in bands that have had silver grey hair color and they looked absolutely stunning. But the hair color needs to be in the right proportion of silver and grey, only then will it have a wonderful effect.

There are quite a few brands that have silver grey hair dye in the market today. But finding a “silver grey” hair color is not going to be easy. You can choose to have a permanent hair dye or a temporary one, but for people with mostly grey hair should go for a permanent hair dye. This will give you a more natural and long-lasting effect.

It’s best to trust the professionals at the salon when it comes to coloring your hair. They will do a good job of coloring your hair evenly and with the proper methods. This will guarantee you safe and healthy hair without causing any damage. Silver grey hair dye should also be applied with utmost care as you don’t want your hair to look grey and old but you want it to be silver and a little tint of grey giving it a more sophisticated look.

Grey hair is basically unpigmented hair and when you are dealing with such hair you need to have a lot of variance in the color or else you’ll end up having a flat-looking hair. Permanent hair dyeing can be costly and time consuming, plus they also have chemicals that may damage your hair.

So if you don’t want to experiment with your hair with harsh chemicals and you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on permanent hair dyeing, you can try the temporary rinses in silver grey and get the desired result in few minutes.

Revlon has a whole range of temporary rinses in its Roux Fanci-Full Color Rinse product line. You are sure to get a lovely silver grey temporary rinse from this brand. It’s safe and quite reasonable.



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