Wedding To Do List- The Most Hassle Preparation You Should Do


In wedding preparation, you need to make the wedding to do list because there are many things you should do before that special event comes. The basic categories can be written in this list. Even, you can make the checklist about the small details.

The important of the wedding to do list for your wedding preparation

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Some kinds of the things that you should make on the list are making the preparations about the place for your wedding. This is the important thing you should prepare at the first. Then, it is next to the guest list, the menu, the accommodation, and the others.

Before you start to make the wedding to do list, the most important thing you should do is deciding the time when you will get married. After that, all the plans can be made by you. This is because in making the preparation in the checklist, it will be based on the time. You can prepare the thing that must to do at the early.

Starting to make the wedding to do list

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When your wedding will come for about one year, you can start to make the preparation by deciding the theme. Theme is very important. This is because the theme will affect the place, size, and the formality. Every couple can be free in deciding what kind of the theme you want to make for your wedding party. However, you should consult with your partner. Remember, it is not the wedding party just for you, but it is the party for you and your partner. For that, you should decide the theme based on what you and your partner love. After getting this theme, you can start to prepare the place for your party.

Then, if you have the time for about six until nine months to the wedding party, you should make the other preparations. You can make the preparation about the photographers, the wedding services, the florist and the others. All of them should be prepared well by you.

Then, to get the perfect wedding party, you should make sure that you have finished the preparation about the guest list and invitations. It should be done in the 4 until 6 months before the time of wedding party.

It is very important for you to make the wedding to do list. It will help you in making the preparation of your wedding.


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