Silver Grey Hair Dye Cool Hair Color For The Young At Heart

If you’ve seen Richard Gere lately, you’ll know what I am speaking about. He has this sexy look, that sweet smile and sparkling eyes and to top it all, his silver grey hair just makes him look all the more sexy in a sophisticated way!

Many people look absolutely dashing with silver grey hair dye. This hair color is not for everyone. You really need to put this one off. Personally, I like silver grey hair dye on older people, say someone over 50. It goes well with their personality.

Many may think that silver grey hair will only make one look old but that’s not the case. I’ve also seen young guys in bands that have had silver grey hair color and they looked absolutely stunning. But the hair color needs to be in the right proportion of silver and grey, only then will it have a wonderful effect.

There are quite a few brands that have silver grey hair dye in the market today. But finding a “silver grey” hair color is not going to be easy. You can choose to have a permanent hair dye or a temporary one, but for people with mostly grey hair should go for a permanent hair dye. This will give you a more natural and long-lasting effect.

It’s best to trust the professionals at the salon when it comes to coloring your hair. They will do a good job of coloring your hair evenly and with the proper methods. This will guarantee you safe and healthy hair without causing any damage. Silver grey hair dye should also be applied with utmost care as you don’t want your hair to look grey and old but you want it to be silver and a little tint of grey giving it a more sophisticated look.

Grey hair is basically unpigmented hair and when you are dealing with such hair you need to have a lot of variance in the color or else you’ll end up having a flat-looking hair. Permanent hair dyeing can be costly and time consuming, plus they also have chemicals that may damage your hair.

So if you don’t want to experiment with your hair with harsh chemicals and you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on permanent hair dyeing, you can try the temporary rinses in silver grey and get the desired result in few minutes.

Revlon has a whole range of temporary rinses in its Roux Fanci-Full Color Rinse product line. You are sure to get a lovely silver grey temporary rinse from this brand. It’s safe and quite reasonable.

Organic Hair Dye The Chemical Free Hair Color

Even though there is hundreds of hair dyes available in the market today, none of them are 100% organic or natural. They may be ammonia-free or contain some natural oil to give your hair that extra glow, but all of them contain hydrogen peroxide, a chemical essential to dramatically change hair color.

But if you want to use a completely organic hair dye then the best alternatives are homemade hair dyes. You can use natural plant extracts and spices to color your hair. But this process can take days, weeks or even months to have a dramatic change in your hair color. Therefore you need to be committed to organic hair dye process so that you can have the hair color you want without using chemicals.

If you have dark hair the process of changing hair color into a lighter shade will take a bit longer. But you can keep repeating this process until you get the desired results. A natural hair lightener would be a mixture of 1 cup lemon juice, and 3 cups chamomile tea. Massage this mixture in your hair and sit under the sun for some time. You can repeat this procedure few times a week to get faster results.

Another organic hair dye is a mixture of mashed organic Rhubarb with 4oz pineapple juice. Massage this mixture deep into the hair and spend some time in the sun. You can also apply ¾ cup honey with 1 ½ cup plain yogurt to damp hair. Wrap the hair with cloth or saran wrap and let it sit for eight to ten hours. Then rinse and wash hair with shampoo.

Yet another organic hair dye is a mixture of 4 tbsp cinnamon powder with 8 oz yogurt. Massage this into hair and let it sit for 30 minutes and then wash and rinse hair.

If you have light hair and want to darken it then there are some organic hair dye recipes that will darken and enhance your hair and also give you that extra shine.

Boil down mixture of ½ cup dry sage with 2 cups water. Strain the mixture and let it cool. Apply this into hair and leave for 40 minutes then wash and rinse hair. You can also boil down 1/3 cup walnut shells, 3 black tea bags in 2 ½ cups water. Strain the mixture and let it cool in room temperature. Apply into hair and leave until next shampoo.

You can also brew some coffee while leaving it black. Allow the mixture to cool and massage hair with it and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse hair with warm water.

All the above methods of lightening and darkening your hair will need to be repeated over a period of time to give you best results. Your hair shaft will not change color in a single application. But these organic ways of coloring your hair will surely leave your hair healthy and chemical-free while it changes your hair color gradually.

Nail Polish Racks

One of the things about selling products today is that image counts for a lot. Sometimes, the best product isn’t the one that’s sold. It’s the product that promotes itself and creates an image in the mind of the customer that will sell. This image can be pretty much everything, it can be the classiest product, the cheapest product, the product with the highest quality, the product that looks cool, the product that symbolizes tradition, etc. Of course, the image of a product has to be backed up with quality, otherwise it won’t last long. As the saying goes, “you can fool some all of the time, or all some of the time, but you can’t fool everyone all of the time.”

This is specially true when it comes to beauty products. The image they give is almost as important as how they make a woman look. For women, make up and cosmetics aren’t “body decorations.” They are statements of fashion as well as expressions of their individuality. Make up tells us a lot about a woman’s personality, likes and dislikes, mood, and sense of fashion.

Among all cosmetics, nail polish is one of the few that are best promoted by their own looks. And for this purpose, manufacturers both of the beauty industry as well as from other industries have designed and sold nail polish racks.

Because of the size and form of nail polish bottles, nail polish racks are a great way to put them on display for customers. Since the most important feature of a nail polish is its color, clients can just pick the bottles from the nail polish racks and compare the colors of different bottles or against their fingers or clothes to get an accurate idea of what the color would look like when applied.

Just like with food, presentation is very important when it comes to nail polish racks. It’s essential to arrange the bottles in nail polish racks at least once a day, which is usually before the store opens. The better the nail polish racks look, the more customers they will attract. I personally prefer a rainbow like color arrangement, but that’s just me. Anything is ok as long as it looks great.

As a final note, some nail polish manufacturers also provide their own nail polish racks, which they get manufactured specially for them. Sometimes they sell them along with their products to stores, while other times they give them for free as long as these nail polish racks are used only for their products.

Cosmetic Crow Foot Remove Surgery

As people seek to look younger and younger, plastic surgery continues to open new options for treatment that are surgical, minimally invasive surgery and non-invasive non-surgical. Oftentimes, both men and women seek to change the crows feet, wrinkles, and bags around their eyes. Surgeons have gone from using cosmetic procedures that are open and invasive requiring weeks of recovery to minimally invasive surgeries with minimal to no scarring.

Cosmetic crow foot remove surgery can be done using several different techniques. Previously the surgeons only option was to leave the patient with a pulled back, fake appearance to their face. Today minimally invasive surgery leaves a more natural toned appearance, with a recovery time of seven to ten days. The recovery time can vary depending upon whether other cosmetic surgery was done simultaneously, the length of the surgery, and the general health of the patient prior to the surgery.

Plastic surgeons also have the option of using botox cosmetic injections to decrease wrinkles and cosmetic crow foot remove surgery around the eye. Botox works by paralyzing the muscles and smoothing the skin. The use of botox gained popularity in 2002 when the FDA approved it for cosmetic use. Prior to 2002 Botox was used to treat neurological disorders and spasms in patients who were paralyzed. During that time, botox was also used off label for cosmetic use. The physician, however, took full responsibility for the use of a drug on an off label condition.

In both the minimally invasive surgery and botox injection, the changes in musculature under the skin is addressed.

Another cosmetic crow foot remove surgery option that patients have is laser resurfacing. This new procedure has taken the place of the old dermabrasion, which was painful and often didn’t give good results. Laser resurfacing is often used to treat crows feet and wrinkles around the eyes. It removes several layers of skin and with it, wrinkles, around the eyes and leaves a tighter, more toned appearance. Although laser resurfacing is extremely effective and safe, it doesn’t address the underlying reason for wrinkle formation the way that minimally invasive surgery and botox do.

Cosmetic crow foot remove surgery gives both men and women safe, effective alternatives, which allow them to more closely fit society’s desire for the fountain of youth. The question of whether we should be seeking to attain a male dominated vision of beauty through surgical intervention as opposed to seeking a more healthy lifestyle is left for another discussion. Suffice it to say that the number of people who will continue to seek the fountain of youth grows as the population grows. It appears that man has been seeking youth for centuries and it isn’t about to stop anytime soon.


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Cosmetic And Reconstructive Skin Surgery

Cosmetic and reconstructive skin surgery is considered more and more as people are searching for the elusive fountain of youth. In fact the American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimated that over 11 billion dollars was spent in 2006 in different cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

Surgeons make the distinction between reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. The goals of reconstructive surgery are to generally improve function and sometimes appearance after treatment for a tumor, accident, trauma, birth defect or illness. The goals of cosmetic surgery do not involve function but rather aesthetics. Cosmetic surgery is performed to reshape normal structures of the body to improve the patient’s appearance and self-esteem.

The word ‘plastic’ is actually a derivative of the Greek word “plastikos” meaning to mould or shape. The term ‘plastic’ in plastic surgery actually has nothing to do with plastics but rather holds the Greek meaning of changing the shape of a particular body part.

Cosmetic and reconstructive skin surgery was first performed in Roman times. Their surgeons had the ability to perform procedures such as repairing damaged ears, or the removal of branding or scars. In ancient India doctors used skin graft techniques as early as 800 B.C.

However, due to the many dangers of surgery cosmetic and reconstructive skin surgery was rarely performed until around the 1900’s. Cosmetic surgery is usually an elective procedure that isn’t covered by today’s insurance companies. In some cases there are medical reasons for procedures, such as in the case of breast reduction, which is done for back pain relief.

There are lists and lists of potential cosmetic and reconstructive skin surgery. If you can dream it – it has probably been done. Do you want to round out your cheeks, chin or jaw then facial implants are for you. Brow lifts will help to deal with sagging forehead skin; a nose job will help correct breathing problems and reshape your nose; ear reshaping is excellent to correct protruding ears; a plump pucker is achieved with lip augmentation. Have another body part or facial problem? Then cosmetic and reconstruction skin surgery has found a way to make it better.

No amount of surgery can achieve perfection but modern treatments allow surgeons to achieve improvements in form and function, which was impossible even 10 years ago.

There are two basic types of sufferers who are seeking cosmetic and reconstructive skin surgery. Some have congenital deformities such as birthmarks, cleft lip or hand deformities. Others seeking reconstruction are a result of infection, accident or disease. Burns, lacerations, growths and aging problems are considered acquired deformities. For instance some adults with drooping eyelids have skin blocking their field of vision or an adult with an asymmetrical look secondary to paralysis may require a balancing facelift. Although appearance is enhanced, in the long run the main goal is to restore function.

All surgeries carry with them some degree of risk but when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon the complications are usually infrequent and minor. Because people vary in their ability to heal and pre-surgical general health the outcome of a cosmetic and reconstructive skin surgery is not completely predictable.

Complications can include infection, excessive bleeding or blood clots, bruising and problems with wound healing as well as difficulty with anesthesia. Factors that can increase the risk of complications are smoking, poor general health, increase weight, impaired immune system, connective tissue disease, decreased circulation or poor nutrition.

Cosmetic and reconstructive skin surgery is an option that is available to more people today than ever before. Don’t be nervous about investigating the possibilities.


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